Accenture x ESB

A digital transformation project


During my time on this project, I led the design creating an internal site to empower ESB employees. This is part of the clients wider digital transformation phase, enabling employees to conduct Self Serve functions online while leveraging traceability and automation processes for the back office team. Combining these Self Serve functions with a space to read up on Articles or FAQs, allows employees to empower themselves to find the right and relevant information for them, thus freeing up more time for the back office team to focus on more important and impactful tasks.

My responsibilities for this project have changed over time. The start of this project was heavily focused on design research methods with end users and the back office team. We were required to define and document the requirements of the current process and improve this through Service Blueprinting.

We developed a number of features through the use of wireframes, testing and higher fidelity prototypes for the development team, while adhering to the new and growing design system being put in place by the ESB.

This project has since shifted into a delivery focused phase where we are working much closer with the implementation team to alleviate any technical concerns, and ensure the brand and design system is being adhered to as required by the organisation.

As of late we have been operating without a Senior designer on the team, so my responsibilities have changed to backfill this role and taking more ownership of the product, while mentoring other design team members on how to manage tasks and deliverables for the client.

This project is still ongoing so I am unable to showcase any of this work, but please check in more regularly for updates!